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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

tile cleaningCeramic tile is, by far, the toughest and easy to care for floor covering you can choose. Even so, neglect or mistreatment can greatly shorten its lifespan. If you want to make sure that your ceramic tile floors, counters, walls and shower stalls stay in service, you need to learn a little bit about ceramic tile care. Since ceramic tile is so versatile, and is used in so many different locations, this address tile care in relationship to common installations.

Floor Tiles

One of the first steps in ceramic tile cleaning is sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt from tile surfaces. This step is especially important when dealing with textured floors.

  • Make sure you use a soft broom or, if you've chosen to use a vacuum cleaner, that you're using it with the right vacuum attachment - you don't want anything to scratch the surface.

After vacuuming your floor, use a damp mop to freshen the surface. Some people like to damp mop every evening so that they can wake up to a fresh, clean floor in the morning. If you're one of those people, then keep it up - your tile won't wear out, and you will probably be able to avoid heavy soiling.

  • When mopping a tile floor, avoid using harsh chemical or detergent cleaners, and make sure you don't use too much water. Tiles are impervious to water, but the grout that holds them together is not. Grout is also sensitive to various chemicals, and may show signs of abuse such as discoloration or chipping.

tile cleaningOver time, you may notice some dirt buildup (on textured floors), or soap / detergent residue on the floors. When this happens, it's time for heavier cleaning using a soft brush or you can use a special polishing machine.

  • Don't scrub your tile floors with any highly abrasive material, such as wire bristle brushes, scouring powders or steel wool, all of which are likely to scratch the surface.
  • If want your floor to shine and glisten, hire a professional organization to wax and polish the floor. In most cases, they can apply a crystal-like finish that lasts for a long time, with only simple maintenance cleaning between applications.

Bathroom Tiles

ceramic tile cleaningBathroom tiles - especially those in shower and bath stalls and near sinks - need special care, or you'll be facing health issues such as mold growth. A good rule to follow in the bathroom is: wipe down ceramic tile surfaces in the bathroom after each use. While you might be tempted to use bleach or ammonia based cleaners, these can damage the grout. Look for a grout-friendly anti-bacterial spray.

Soap scum is tiles most vigilant rival. Combat it by wiping down tiles after showering or treating it with a commercial product or a spray made of diluted vinegar.

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