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bay-area-cleaning.com provides cleaning services that guarantee a cleaner, fresher and healthier home or business. We treat each job with the respect that our customers deserve.

Cleaning is a very personal matter. Some people enjoy it, and spend hours doing it. Some people hate it, and avoid it at all costs. And many people fall somewhere in the middle - they sacrifice some of their valuable free time to vacuum, dust, sweep, mop, and wash down floors, counters and bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Regardless of what kind of cleaner you are Bay Area Cleaning can change your interiors, and change your life.

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningThe best way to care for your carpet is to vacuum weekly - sweep first if you've got pets, vacuum more frequently in high traffic areas. In addition to vacuuming, most carpet manufacturers recommend having carpets deep cleaned once every two to three years. Carpet steam cleaning, which is effective in removing stains and odors, is Bay Area Cleaning's most requested service. Using commercial grade carpet steam cleaning equipment, they will remove embedded dirt, dust, mites and all other contaminants from your carpets, without introducing toxic chemicals or detergents into your indoor environment.

Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaningWhen you sit on an upholstered piece of furniture, you leave behind traces - hair strands, body oils, sloughed skin cells, etc. Even when you don't sit on upholstered furniture, dirt, dust and mites find their way onto the fabric. Light a candle, burn some incense or have a smoke, and, well, you guessed it: fumes can permeate the fibers and leave odorous reminders. Over time, your upholstered pieces are going to look dull and worn, and they may even start to smell. You might consider buying new furniture, or recovering what you've got but do yourself a favor and call Bay Area Cleaning before you do anything else. One upholstery cleaning session is often all it takes to bring the fabric back to life.

Rug Cleaning

rug cleaningRugs come in all shapes and sizes and are made of all types of materials - natural and synthetic. While smaller rugs, such as bathroom mats, may be machine washable, many consumer grade washing machines aren't made to take such a load. You can not only damage your washing machine, but you can also ruin your rug beyond repair. Bay Area Cleaning knows everything there is to know about rugs, and can handle everything from delicate handmade rugs to Persian or Oriental rugs, silk rugs, and more. When required, bay-area-cleaning.com provide pickup and delivery service.

tile grout cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Bay Area Cleaning tile and grout cleaning and restoration services make tiled surfaces glitter and shine. Using proven techniques and materials, the cleaning crew from bay-area-cleaning.com will remove soap scum, stains, mold and mildew from tiled surfaces. At the end of the job, your bathroom, kitchen or floor will look new, with clean, straight grout lines and crisp, clean tiles.

Tile Floor Cleaning

ceramic floor tile cleaningOnce your tile floor has been properly installed and shined, it won't need a lot of care on a regular basis. Neglect, mistreatment and time, however, do take their toll. Over-waxing or using the wrong product can lead to discoloration, dirt and grime will build up, and scuff marks don't always wipe away. bay-area-cleaning.com tile specialists polish away years of use and abuse.

Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes, shade and blinds keep protect you from prying eyes and your furniture from harsh sunlight. But what do you do to protect them? As they hang in place, window treatments are dust magnets. Insects like them, too, and often make themselves at cozy in curtain folds. Bay Area Cleaning can clean your window treatments where they hang or will pick them up and clean them at its high tech cleaning facility.

Wood floor cleaning and refinishing

wood floor refinishingInstalling wood floors is a major investment. Once you've made it, you don't want to risk losing it. So follow manufacturer recommendations and call Bay Area Cleaning wood floor division if you have any problems. They know just what to do to fix issues such as scarring, discoloration or warping. If you inherited a wood floor when you moved into a new home, don't cover it up - you'll be surprised at how reasonable Bay Area Cleaning wood floor refinishing and restoration services are.

bay-area-cleaning.com provides an extensive range of cleaning services throughout New York. Call today at 888-397-8423 and find out how you can save money by when you order a customized cleaning package.

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