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Air Duct cleaning

air duct cleaningThere has been much debate over the value of air duct cleaning in homes. If you are considering having the air ducts cleaned in your home or office at bay area, the information in this article might help you come to a decision.

What is air duct cleaning?

The term air duct cleaning is a bit misleading, as it entails cleaning much more of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, than just the air ducts, or the passageways through which air travels. HVAC system filter replacementWhen done properly, it includes cleaning the registers, grills, supply and return air ducts, coils, drip pans (also called condensation pans), and housing units. These units are all subject to contamination from dirt, dust, dampness and humidity. Some air duct cleaning organizations also provide repair services, and will offer you the option of applying preventative products, such as chemical biocides and other chemical treatments.

duct and vent cleaningDifferent organizations may have different air duct cleaning protocols, but they all entail a method for evacuating pollutants from the ductwork and other components. Cleaning the ducts is delicate work that requires gently sweeping the area to release lodged in dirt and then vacuuming out all dust particles and debris. Great care must be taken not to introduce excessive dampness into the ducts, and not to scratch or damage the ducts.

How do you pick a service provider?

commercial & office duct cleaningThe first thing you should ask about when you are shopping for a service provider to clean your HVAC system is a service provider that discusses how they protect your furnishings during the cleaning process, includes cleaning the various parts of the HVAC system mentioned above as part of their standard service, uses a HEPA (high efficiency particle air) vacuum system, and can supply customer recommendations. Do not base your decision solely on price.

How do you know you need air duct cleaning?

HVAC system cleaning

Most people spend a good amount of their time indoors, breathing air that has made through air ducts before reaching their lungs. It seems to make sense that cleaning these airways will improve the air quality indoors. While researchers are still working on unquestionably proving this theory, the scientific benefit of air duct cleaning is still somewhat up in the air. It is, however, recommended under the following circumstances:

  • HVAC system emits unpleasant or mildew odors
  • Visible signs of mold
  • Visible signs of rodent infestation
  • Ducts, registers or grilles are clogged (often after construction or remodeling)
  • HVAC system functions poorly

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