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Carpet Cleaning

carpet steam cleaningWhen you install a carpet in your home - whether it's made of synthetic fiber or natural fiber, no matter if it has a low pile or a high pile, and regardless of its size - you expect it to last. But in order for you to maximize your carpets lifespan, you need to learn ins and outs of carpet care and carpet cleaning.

Carpet Care

Carpet care is fairly simple and straightforward. Vacuum once a week, clean up spills when they happen (to avoid permanent staining), hire a carpet cleaning service provider to perform deep cleaning once every two or three years, depending on use. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your carpet cleaning regime:


  • If you've got pets in the home, sweep your carpets with a rubber broom before vacuuming. Pet hair is notorious for entwining itself in carpet fibers, making it almost impossible for a regular vacuum cleaner to remove them. Fur that the vacuum picks up quickly clogs vacuum vents. A pre-vacuum sweep will loosen and remove quite a bit of fur, getting it off the carpet and keeping it out of the vacuum's filter.
  • Vacuum methodically, going over every inch of your carpet at least twice.
  • Pay attention to how well your vacuum is working - if it starts to sound 'funny' or it doesn't seem to be picking up dirt, unplug it and check the filters, bag or dirt receptacle. A clogged vacuum not only functions inefficiently, it can stop working altogether.

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Accidents happen - the dog or cat has a slip, the child who isn't quite toilet trained yet has a mishap, you or somebody else spills their coffee, tea or wine... there are endless possible scenarios. Even though many carpets are sold as 'stain resistant', if you read the fine print, anti-stain treatments are not foolproof. When a spill or some other accident happens, your best course of action is to take action as soon as possible.

  1. Remove any solid waste gently, without rubbing. If you're dealing with gum or some other sticky substance, it might come off easier if you freeze it first - put an ice cube or two in a bag, put the bag on the gum, wait a few minutes, then remove the plastic bag and gently pull at the gum, it should come right off.
  2. Blot wet spots with a clean dry towel or paper towel - do not rub.
  3. Dark colored spills may need extra treatment - you can buy commercial stain removers or try a kitchen-cabinet remedy (e.g., a paste made of baking soda and water) - just remember to conduct a spot test first.carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning once every two to three years is the only way to rid your carpet embedded dirt. This can be a DIY project or you can call Bay Area Cleaning at 888-397-8423 organization.

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