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Carpet Cleaning Sunnyvale

Carpet Cleaning Sunnyvale offers steam cleaning for you at very reasonable rates. Carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year for most carpets to keep them looking great. Carpet Cleaning Sunnyvale have experience in all areas of carpet care and also have the personnel and equipment to handle any sized job.

Sunnyvale Carpet Cleaning

oriental rug cleaningIn addition to home carpet cleaning service, Sunnyvale Carpet Cleaning are also experts at carpet stain removal.

Once a carpet is stained it is very important to address the stain quickly and have it professionally removed before it gets a chance to set too deeply into the carpet fibers.

Sunnyvale Carpet Cleaning can remove most stains in a single visit and will use a combination of steam cleaning and specialized cleaning agents to completely erase any stain you may have.

We can also deep clean your entire carpet at the same time to leave it looking like new.

If you are a pet owner and have pets that have had an accident or two in the house, Carpet Cleaning Sunnyvale offers a pet odor removal service that can completely eliminate the stain and odor caused by these accidents.

carpet cleaningHere again, it is important that you have these issues with your carpet addressed quickly before they have a chance to permanently damage your carpeting.

Rug Cleaning Sunnyvale - Oriental Carpet Cleaning

Other services that Carpet Cleaning in Sunnyvale offer include area rug cleaning and oriental carpet cleaning. Both of these require a very delicate cleaning process so as to not damage the fibers of the carpets.

Unlike regular carpets, these specialty rugs may have edge fringe and lighter backings that require that they be cleaned by a professional.

Carpet Cleaning Sunnyvale has the experience with this more delicate work and can keep your specialty rugs as well as your entire carpet looking great in no time at all.

Carpet Cleaning Sunnyvale Service Locations:

Our service locations include the following areas: Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto.

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